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What Is a Holographic Will and When Is It Legally Binding in Texas and Arizona?

Holographic Wills Holographic Wills, or handwritten Wills, are legally binding and accepted in Texas, and Arizona, as long as certain legal conditions and criteria are met. While it may seem like the most straightforward method for bequeathing your estate to your chosen heirs, a Holographic Will is usually fraught with errors, causing complications and stress for Read More

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Do You have a Paternity Issue in TX or AZ ? A Family Law Attorney Can Help In This Legal Process

Do You have a Paternity Issue in Texas (TX) or Arizona (AZ)? A Qualified Family Law or Child Custody Attorney Can Help You in this Legal Process! Filing a Suit for Paternity No matter what state you live in, if you fathered a child with a woman out of wedlock (or even in wedlock, if Read More

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Dealing With Breach of Contract Issue or Breaching the Terms of a Contract?: Contact a Business Commercial Litigation Attorney

Breach of Contract – the most common form of business litigation – can cause tremendous financial and property loss to your company, including loss of clientele, loss of reputation, loss of market share, loss of sales, and loss of income. Further, a Breach of Contract can lead to the downfall of your company if the breach Read More

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Defense of Marriage Act and Same-Sex Married Couples and the Immigration Implications – And, the Windsor Supreme Court Decision

Defense of Marriage Act and Same-Sex Married Couples and Immigration Implications – The Windsor Supreme Court Decision In February of 2011, Obama proclaimed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which still remains valid law, to be unconstitutional. DOMA, enacted in 1996, defines marriage as that between “a man and a woman” and it bars the Read More

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President Trump Calling for Immigration Reform

President Trump Calling for Fair and Just Immigration Reform In 2007, the Pew Hispanic Center noted a record number of undocumented immigrants in the country, with 12 million living in the United States.  Though the number fell to 11.1 million two years later, it has largely remained steady, with 11.2 million undocumented workers calling the Read More

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Learn More About the Rights of Both Mothers and Fathers in Child Custody Issues

Traditional norms state that in child custody issues, the law will always favor the mother over the father.  However, while that may be true in cases involving infants or small children where the mother is proven fit and where the de facto sense of the law is considered, in recent years the courts are evening Read More

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Texas is number one in the Nation for collecting fines from Employers for having Undocumented (Illegal) Workers or Improper I-9s found during Immigration Audits or Raids

In 2011, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ramped up its audits of employers and they ended up having their most productive year for revenue collected from audits conducted and fines issued to employers, for hiring undocumented illegal individuals; who are classified as those who entered the country illegally and without inspection by Read More

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Immigrant avoided removal, despite conviction of a serious crime

If an immigrant, meaning the person has legal permanent residence in the United States, has been convicted of certain serious crimes, it may seem inevitable that that individual will be placed in removal proceeding before the immigration court and eventually deported and removed from the United States. Many may feel that fighting the federal government after they Read More

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Illegal Entries Decline, Focus on Deportations Ramps Up

Illegal Entries Decline, Focus on Deportations Ramps Up For the first time in decades, more people are facing deportation from inside the U.S. than are being arrested at the border for trying to enter the country illegally. Surprisingly, these records numbers have occurred during the Obama administration. In the 2011 fiscal year, which ended on Read More

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Defense bill immigration measures fail, despite bipartisan support

Defense bill immigration measures fail, despite bipartisan support Despite high hopes from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle – as well as from many young, undocumented immigrants in Texas – two recent immigration measures have failed to make it to a vote before Congress. However, both measures were proposed as amendments to a broader Read More

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