profile sheldonAttorneys, Sheldon Goldstein and Michelle Scopellite, formed Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, in the year 2002. Since then, they have successfully achieved wins for their clients under many different scenarios. Their mutual goal in setting up this practice was to help clients in understanding the legal process and the issues that will confront them throughout the legal process. They knew, from their own previous experiences, what it was like to not have an attorney respond or act upon their requests. Therefore, when they formed Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, they made sure that customer service would be paramount. In successfully achieving this goal, they now help their clients prevail through their business, negotiation or litigation process.

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Rich in life’s experiences, Sheldon Goldstein, Michelle Scopellite and or staff attorneys bring to our firm a unique perspective that allows them to take a fresh look at common legal problems in each matter. They take the time to listen to each client and they devise a legal plan designed to meet each of their clients’ particular needs. For more information, please see: Firm Overview