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Dedicated. Determined. Hardworking. Dallas attorneys with 75 combined years of experience
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Dedicated Addison Attorneys Meet the Needs of Clients in Dallas, Texas

TEXAS LAWYERS Handle divorce, FAMILY law child custody, litigation disputes, ESTATE PLANNING AND IMMIGRATION ISSUES

To provide truly effective counsel, an attorney must work diligently with their clients to tackle the unique challenges that each client faces. At Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, our law firm takes the time to learn your issues. With our dedicated attorneys, servicing the Dallas, Denton and Collin County metroplexes, we are grounded in the principle that the client’s needs and desires are paramount.  For both individuals and businesses located in the Dallas–Fort Worth area, we offer a unique combination of personal experience, customer service, and negotiation skills and we will resolve your issues in the most expeditious, and legally possible manner possible.  Our lawyers listen to our client’s, we gather evidence and we work to help our clients achieve successful outcomes in a variety of issues in the practice areas we center around including the protection of you, your family and your business, including divorce, family law, child custody disputes, litigation and business disputes, immigration, estate planning and probate litigation, drafting wills and trusts, in drafting and defending contracts and in negotiating commercial leases.  As strong and experienced litigators, you can rest assured that we will think outside the box in order to secure a positive outcome in your matter.


With over 85 years of combined legal experience, our lawyers have gained the social, strategic, research skills and the practical knowledge necessary to advance our clients’ interests. Throughout the Dallas, Denton, Collin County and Fort Worth Metroplex, hundreds of people have counted on our legal advise and our litigation skills and those who have retained our services through to the end of their case, have ended up with a positive outcome. Our dedicated lawyers are:
  • Focused — We don’t try to be everything to everyone; we focus on each case individually providing exceptional counsel in eight legal practice areas; each step we take on your behalf is designed to bring you closer to your goals; and we will work with you and the opposing side to resolve your legal matter in the most expeditious manner possible so that it minimizes your time away from your company and or your family.
  • Accomplished — Since the inception of the firm in the year 2002, our attorneys and our staff have made a positive difference for the individuals, families and companies that we have represented. Through skillful representation, we can help you find lasting solutions to even the most complex legal situations and disputes.
  • Qualified and Caring — In every case we handle, our attorneys provide personalized attention to your matter and we will provide a comprehensive plan and the personal care and support that you need, so that you achieve your goals. When emotions run high, we will treat you with the respect and  compassion necessary and we will work with you to reduce the stress that legal disputes or legal matters are bringing you.
As a boutique law firm, we watch over our clients and we take the time to listen to your needs, to gather the necessary information, to research your issues and to respond to you and the opposing party appropriately so that you are pleased with the result. We don’t play games, we have an excellent track record and we will try our hardest to win your trust and your case.
Areas of Practice

ESTABLISHED law FIRM represents clients WITH DIVORCES, child custody, paternity, WILLS and trusts, immigration VISAS AND OTHER MATTERS

Our firm assists Texas residents or those being sued in Texas with legal issues relating to:
  • Family law — We understand how strong family law issues including parenting time and visitation disputes, and the strength of a legal advocate can improve the lives of their clients and their loved ones. In matrimonial and parenting matters, including child custody, our lawyers seek to find a resolution that will meet your needs and they will work to ease the burden you have and help you move forward in your life, with confidence.
  • Divorce — If you’re going through a break-up leading to a divorce, whether complex or uncontested and agreed, our dedicated lawyers will provide you with the individualized advice and advocacy you need so that you can safeguard your property and your interests when your marriage ends.
  • Civil litigation — Our trial-tested attorneys have a strong successful track record litigating matters in court and negotiating favorable settlements for the individuals and businesses that we represent.
  • Immigration — Whether you need a visa, citizenship, legal residency, DACA, a work permit or you need to re-file a citizenship application or a family based petition, or if you have other immigration concerns such as deportation proceedings, our firm will be there to research all possible solutions to assist you in remaining in the United States and we will clearly explain the complex immigration laws and rules that apply to your case and we will work to secure the best possible result.
  • Estate planning — We understand that smart estate planning can allow  you to distribute your assets efficiently and to those who you select and it will also provide your loved ones with the least amount of undue burden and cost in settling your estate. Our lawyers help clients create wills, trusts and other legal instruments that will assist executors with probate and trust matters.
Whatever type of legal counsel your situation requires, we will be there with our dedicated team to protect your interests and your rights.

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Goldstein & Scopellite, PC represents Texas clients in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, McKinney and Collin and Denton County TX in divorce, family law, estate planning, immigration and civil litigation matters and our office is centrally located. Please contact us at 469-470-4929 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at one of our local offices.
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